ATT - Alternative Tours of Tbilisi

ATTention! Alternative tours of Tbilisi are now available with GeoAIR!

Explore places, (hi)stories and happenings of Tbilisi & support cultural projects and research about the city!

TO REGISTER for the tours, please check available options on our page and send us a message or send an email to:
Our tours can be planned individually for small groups. In such case, please contact us and we will provide you with possible tour options and details for your group.

Why alternative tours?
There are currently many tours that you can experience in Tbilisi. Majority of them concentrate on the rich history of the city, which we value a lot. However, we believe that exploring its contemporary context is equally important.
To really know about Tbilisi, one also needs to look at what does not make it into many guidebooks, and more importantly, together with people living here, dive into many layers that each place hides.
Alternative Tours of Tbilisi combine many different aspects – history of particular places and their contemporary state, processes behind them from which they result, details that you will most likely discover, or those which even locals hardly notice, sites of social or urban struggles, artistic interventions or state interventions, personal stories and urban gossips and a lot more!

While exploring alternative Tbilisi, you are supporting independent cultural activities locally!
Honestly speaking, we do not plan to become very rich with ATT initiative. It was designed due to the lack of local funding for independent contemporary cultural activities and research concerning Tbilisi. Finances from each tour will be distributed as:

- Fair amount of salary to the guides, which hopefully supports them to earn money and have more time to continue their individual work about Tbilisi.
- Sustainability of this initiative.
- Remaining part from every tour will be gathered and once it reaches a certain amount, it will be used for a project in and/or about Tbilisi – co-financing in a bigger project, production of the publication, or otherwise. We will keep you posted about this!

Your guides:
ATTs are made and guided by people who live in Tbilisi and are inspired by it.
We make research about Tbilisi and participate in the work that we believe brings changes in the city, while remembering its history. We are critical and analyze processes of the city, which accompany the routes we follow with you in each ATT. Therefore, probably each of them is a bit different, evolving every single time as it happens.