Gldani - a City Inside a City 

When visiting Tbilisi for few days, it is unlikely that you will accidentally find yourself in the suburb of Gldani. This tour will take you there and you will discover almost a separate city of its own within Tbilisi. You will be able to explore different types of markets, the life in the suburb, how it continues through Soviet apartment blocks and through the public spaces that are changing in the face of capitalism. As we walk, you will find out what makes this part of Tbilisi special; and if the name of the tour applies to reality.

Ana Ramazashvili is a researcher in urban and economic anthropology, who conducts ethnographic work in different markets of Tbilisi.


Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

Price: 50 GEL per person

Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants in each tour

The tour will start at the entrance of Akhmeteli Theater Metro station. In the beginning, we will walk for about 30 minutes, then take a bus to see the last point of Gldani. Then we will walk another route and get back to the starting point. We will let you know the exact details of the meeting point, payment method and other details when you register for the tour.

TO REGISTER for the tours, please check available options on our page and send us a message or send an email to: