Lost Heroes of Tbilisi: Soviet Period Mosaics

It consists of two different tours and each of them offers an insight of the history of creation and analysis of the works of monumental-decorative mosaics, which were created in public spaces of Tbilisi during the ‘70s and the ‘80s of the Soviet period. Many of them are facing the threat of destruction and obliteration, while rethinking the Soviet past of the city remains a challenge and a topic of discussion. One can often encounter them in various areas of the city and take few minutes looking at them, due to the visual fascination that their abstracted or socialist surfaces offer. While they might seem to be out of the context today, these tours will tell you everything about them and about the urban context of Tbilisi these mosaics speak of.

Tour 1 – Saburtalo
Tour 2 – Didube

Nini Palavandishvili is a curator of contemporary art projects and author of several publications in and about Tbilisi.



Duration of each tour: 3-4 hours

Each tour price:

From 1 to 4 people – 280 GEL

From 5 to 8 – each individual adds 50 GEL

Maximum number of people per tour: 8

Every person on the tour will get a publication Lost Heroes of Tbilisi: Soviet Period Mosaics, which allows you to discover other mosaics in Tbilisi.

TO REGISTER for the tours, please check available options on our page and send us a message or send an email to: info@geoair.ge