Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Sculptures of Iza Rogucka and Giorgi Magradze present combination of two worlds: classical sculpture and disposal of organic waste. Reference is made to classical art, which used to be an important part of an artistic life of both artists, however was not always actively used during their carriers.
During the preparation of the project the artists decided to rely on two things that struck them the most on Eliava market: unlimited amount of material and a man in possession of these materials, who at the same time is the direct agent of the whole situation. In parallel to the stacks of goods such as car parts, building materials, elements of interior or food, ordinary people try to make the ends meet through the fine trade. That’s why the artists have developed a question: how to process and bring out the excess that is present at such amount in our everyday lives?
This reference to the relationship of a man and a matter brought to mind notion of a classic sculpture, which in its commonly understood form used proportions and compositions in order to transform the meaning of the beauty. Perfectly smooth surfaces hide behind their marble structure anatomy of the living organism and its skeleton – the basis of everything. Is it possible, however, to strip the sculptures of their idealized beauty and show their invisible parts like heart or liver to the public?
Polish-Georgian artistic duo connected the idea of beauty to the abstract sculptures that were inspired by people who work in the market environment and helped to create them. Duo developed its artistic language during the three weeks and managed to gradually blend into the life of the Eliava. Silent sculptures express much more than just processed residues and give them a shape that interconnects with to the force of gravity. Awareness of space and traces of life which are imprinted in these sculptures give them a metaphorical meaning, attract and allow viewers to take a closer look and even touch them: in the end they are produced as the result of physical work of artists and workers of Eliava market.
In implementing the Project “Discover Eliava” GeoAIR was collaborating with Culture and Management Lab. Project is realized in the frame of GALA (Green Art Lab Alliance), with the support of the Culture Program of the European Union.