Friday, April 28, 2017

Tigran Amiryan is an independent curator, contemporary culture researcher, Ph.D in Literary Studies. For years now, Tigran Amiryan’s main interest revolves around the issue of narrativization of both individual and collective memory in contemporary culture. In 2013, Amiryan authored a monograph on the falsification of historical past, paranoidal mentality, and collective amnesia.

His recent years have been devoted to self-narrative theory as applied to visually narrativized texts. In 2015-2016, Amiryan developed and presented a course of lectures at different academic and art platforms in Morocco, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. Presently, Tigran’s research and curating projects are twofold: on one hand, he looks into narrativization of personal/individual experience, artistic (fictional) representation and history of the Self, biographies; on the other hand, the emerging curator focuses on urban space and environment that keep the memory of people’s lives despite being constantly subjected to oblivion and destruction.

During his residency in Tbilisi, Tigran aims to collaborate with local artists and research interethnic aspects of the city. For centuries, Tbilisi has been interesting through the image of a multinational city. The real life of multilingual and multi-ethnic city, conflicts and their resolutions can be traced through studying different locations in the city.

Photo by Karen Mirzoyan.

Residency is supported by CEC ArtsLink in the framework of Platform Art Prospect project.