Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In previous years, we have been working site-specifically on projects concerning the urban context of Tbilisi. We have decided to start working on the "alternative guide platform," which will take research and analysis of the city and translate them into a guide through the city. It will be a collection of texts, sounds, images, videos about specific urban topics and locations, based on the material from different projects, as well as the new ones specifically created for this. The media of the platform will be decided during the working process and it can become a publication, a web page, a mobile app, or some other technological advancement we can deal with.

The guide will allow its user to get involved in the experience and explore certain aspects of the city this way. While the project brings alternative views of the city to wider audiences, both international and local, through the working process and its results it is also aimed to support research-based socially engaged art practices in the context of Georgia.